HackerNews top stories from 17 to 24 Apr, 2022.

[0] Web scraping is legal, US appeals court reaffirms

[1] Framework Laptop Mainboard

[2] Six companies control 90% of what you read, watch, and hear

[3] My upgrade to 25 Gbit/s Fiber To The Home

[4] HackerRank (YC S11) DMCA’ed the SymPy Docs

[5] UK Government Officials Infected with Pegasus

[6] Magic-trace – High-resolution traces of what a process is doing

[7] Musk announces funding secured for Twitter buy

[8] Hiring discrimination: a problem for men in female-dominated occupations

[9] Overhauling Mario 64’s code to reach 30 FPS and render 6x faster on N64 [video]

[10] How can I get my boyfriend to stop digging his tunnel?

[11] California grid set record of 97% renewable power on April 3

[12] Americans are drowning in spam

[13] Google’s AI-powered ‘inclusive warnings’ feature is very broken

[14] YDB – An open-source Distributed SQL Database

[15] If founders treated investors the way they treat employees

[16] ‘Click to Cancel’ legislation introduced in Pennsylvania

[17] Column – a chartered bank for developers

[18] Show HN: Make your PDF look scanned in browser

[19] Memray: a memory profiler for Python

[20] You probably don’t need AWS and are better off without it

[21] De-AMP: Cutting out Google and enhancing privacy

[22] I stopped working on black hole information loss. Here’s why

[23] Oggify: Download Songs Directly from Spotify

[24] Ask HN: Am I going insane or is there genuinely no value in blockchain tech?

[25] Show HN: This AI Does Not Exist

[26] Cheat Engine contains GPL-licensed code but disallows commercial use

[27] The Bottom Is Dropping Out of Netflix

[28] The best engineering interview question I’ve ever gotten

[29] TX-6 – Teenage Engineering