HackerNews top stories from Jun 26 to Jul 3, 2022.

[0] Thunderbird 102 Released

[1] Life is not short

[2] Coinbase is reportedly selling geolocation data to ICE

[3] Things to know about databases

[4] Ask HN: GPT-3 reveals my full name – can I do anything?

[5] How much health insurers pay for almost everything is about to go public

[6] Show HN: I stripped DALL·E Mini to its bare essentials and converted it to Torch

[7] Detecting unauthorized physical access with beans, lentils and colored rice

[8] YouTube removes criticism of dangerous fractal wood burning, leaves lethal tips

[9] What’s the deal with all those weird wrong-number texts?

[10] Some-assembly-required: An approachable introduction to assembly

[11] Give Up GitHub: The Time Has Come

[12] FCC asks Google, Apple to remove TikTok

[13] Show HN: Calculator for US Individual Income tax, from 1970-present

[14] Job interview questions engineers should ask, but don’t

[15] Atlassian is 20 years old and unprofitable

[16] Why America can’t build

[17] Fresh is a new full stack web framework for Deno

[18] TikTok updated privacy policy to collect faceprints and voiceprints (2021)

[19] Driverless robotaxi fleet paralyzed for hours in San Francisco

[20] Mastercard and visa are the de facto regulators of porn

[21] Apple’s claim is that it bans other browsers for security

[22] Outlook scans emails arriving in your inbox and sends all found URLs to Bing

[23] Scanner for decks of cards with bar codes printed on card edges

[24] MIT engineers fly first-ever plane with no moving parts (2018)

[25] There are no open issues or pull requests on Flask

[26] Minecraft content creator Technoblade has died

[27] Vim 9.0

[28] Modern city dwellers have lost about half their gut microbes

[29] The PocketReform is a made-in-Berlin Linux handheld