HackerNews top stories from 10 to 17 Jul, 2022.

[0] Compare Webb’s Images to Hubble

[1] Deepest infrared image of universe

[2] James Webb first images – complete set of high resolution shots now live

[3] Scratch Is a Big Deal

[4] Uber broke laws, duped police and built secret lobbying operation, leak reveals

[5] Amazon Admits Giving Police Ring Footage Without Consent

[6] SSD will fail at 40k power-on hours (2021)

[7] DNS Esoterica – Why you can’t dig Switzerland

[8] Woman ‘dehumanised’ by viral TikTok filmed without her consent

[9] Tell HN: We are trying to get tail calls into the WebAssembly standard

[10] Welcome to hell; or UK online safety bill compliance obligations

[11] Show HN: Porting OpenBSD Pledge() to Linux

[12] Giving a shit as a service

[13] Unchecked AB testing destroys everything it touches

[14] Show HN: Inflation-adjusted stock charts – Total Real Returns

[15] On Bill Watterson’s Refusal to License Calvin and Hobbes (2016)

[16] Six programming languages I’d like to see

[17] Lichess: The free and open source chess server

[18] Teams is killing my Mac every day

[19] Photos Always Pointing at the Pointer (2012)

[20] Postgres 15 improves UNIQUE and NULL

[21] It’s time to make that indie C# game in Godot

[22] Retbleed: New speculative execution attack sends Intel and AMD scrambling

[23] Show HN: I built an app for when I talk too much in online meetings

[24] GCC Rust Approved by GCC Steering Committee

[25] PostgreSQL 14 Internals Book

[26] Saskatchewan, Ontario to roll out mini-nuclear reactors

[27] My business card runs Linux

[28] New in Calibre 6.0

[29] Working in the software industry, circa 1989 – Jim Grey