HackerNews top stories from 17 to 24 Jul, 2022.

[0] Ask HN: What are some ‘cool’ but obscure data structures you know about?

[1] I Regret my Website Redesign

[2] Glassdoor not so anonymous

[3] EU Digital Markets Act, aimed at Google, Apple, Amazon, approved

[4] I’ve started using Mozilla Firefox and now I can never go back to Google Chrome

[5] Flipper Zero – Portable Multi-Tool Device for Geeks

[6] DALL·E now available in beta

[7] Tell HN: You can’t hire because you don’t post salary ranges

[8] Magnus Carlsen to give up World Championship title

[9] Cheap junk flooding Amazon has brand names like MOFFBUZW

[10] FCC: TikTok is unacceptable security risk and should be removed from app stores

[11] Intel Microcode Decryptor

[12] We’re going to need a lot of solar panels

[13] Why we ignore thousands of daily car crashes

[14] More invested in nuclear fusion in last 12 months than past decade

[15] Former Coinbase PM Charged in Cryptocurrency Insider Trading Tipping Scheme

[16] Blue Zones, where people reach age 100 at 10 times greater rates

[17] Soft deletion probably isn’t worth it

[18] Bluetooth remains an ‘unusually painful’ technology after two decades

[19] New documents reveal scale of US Government’s cell phone location data tracking

[20] TeamViewer installs suspicious font only useful for web fingerprinting

[21] Tell HN: Internet Archive is facing a Big 4 Publishers lawsuit

[22] Intel Microcode Decryptor

[23] Potential fabrication in research threatens the amyloid theory of Alzheimer’s

[24] Spain will introduce free train travel

[25] Hertz paid Accenture $32M for a website that never went live

[26] Paper Airplane Designs (2013)

[27] Carbon Language: An experimental successor to C++

[28] Casio F91 smart watch reboot

[29] George Orwell’s 1940 Review of Mein Kampf