HackerNews top stories from Feb 27 to 06 Mar, 2022.

[0] Namecheap: Russia Service Termination

[1] Google mandates workers back to Silicon Valley, other offices from April 4

[2] ICANN’s rejection of Ukraine’s request to sever Russia from the internet [pdf]

[3] BP quits Russia in up to $25B hit after Ukraine invasion

[4] Bill to require job postings to include salaries passes Washington Senate

[5] SingleFile: Save a complete web page into a single HTML file

[6] Trapped in Silicon Valley’s hidden caste system

[7] How “latency numbers everybody should know” decreased from 1990–2020

[8] How to take credit for someone else’s work on GitHub

[9] Modern smartphone lenses are crazy

[10] Please, delete all new places since the start of war 23th of February

[11] It’s always been you, Canvas2D

[12] Europe’s largest nuclear power plant on fire

[13] Show HN: A more social, Amazon-free alternative to Goodreads

[14] There’s no need to change passwords if they’re robust, unique and not breached

[15] How does perspective work in pictures?

[16] No user accounts, by design

[17] Ask HN: Can you help me remove the marks for the airstrikes from Google Maps?

[18] Bypass Paywalls: a browser extension to help bypass paywalls for selected sites

[19] Amazon to close all of its physical bookstores and ‘4-star’ shops

[20] Show HN: I made a web game called Almost Pong

[21] GNU Taler: An anonymous, taxable payment system using modern cryptography

[22] Germany mulls extending nuclear plants’ life-span

[23] How generics are implemented in Go 1.18

[24] F-Droid – alternative to Google Play store

[25] One Humanity – DOOM 2 Level

[26] Russians are trying to flee – data from Google Trends

[27] Asian-Americans fight back against school discrimination

[28] MasterCard suspends all services in Russia

[29] The war on gifted education